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image clint cora motivational speaker diversity speaker business
speaker sales speaker keynote speakers personal development karate
world champion
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How To Expand Your Comfort Zones To Finally
Conquer Even Your Most Daunting Goals In Life

FREE 3-Part Personal Development Video
Series Delivered Directly To You


With specially selected parts from high energy live keynote
presentations, motivational speaker and Karate World Champion Clint
Cora will share with you in this FREE series;
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author The #1 mind-shift that got me through my
own personal tragedy
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author The hidden lesson underneath EVERY life
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author How to get OUT of your comfort zone and
why it's KEY to long term happiness
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author Three micro-changes you can make in your
life right now to IMMEDIATELY
get closer to achieving your goals
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author Secret surprises that will unexpectedly
BOOST your personal growth ten-fold
image clint cora motivational speaker diversity keynote speakers
business sales speaker author And much, much more!

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image motivational speaker diversity speaker clint cora

Motivational Speaker On Your Personal Development Success

According to Clint Cora, author of 'The Life Champion In You', one of
the most important principles for personal development success is what
he calls `comfort zone expansion'. It is a necessity for achieving
significant success in life and this is a topic that he covers as a
motivational speaker as well as a diversity speaker.

With his unique background in motivation and martial arts, he often
utilizes concepts from martial arts to illustrate such success
principles in an entertaining way. In a video below, Clint uses a
karate weapon called a bo staff to teach you about comfort zone
expansion for your personal development success.

One of the major obstacles that people face in their lives is the habit
of procrastination. Procrastination has been known to stop many people
from achieving their goals. As a motivational speaker, Clint offers an
effective solution for you to help overcome procrastination in the
other video below.


Clint Talking About Comfort Zones


Clint's Procrastination Solution For You

Motivational Speaker Resource On Personal Development , Business Sales &

Motivational speaker Clint Cora offers you a collection of personal
development articles, business sales and diversity education training
articles to learn from. There are further articles on college success
as well as high school success for students.

Clint also produces a regular video series called Motivational WebTV
which covers both personal development and diversity topics (plus
sometimes investing and financial related topics). The most current
episode is below.


image motivational speaker diversity clint cora karate world champion
life champion in you book
Current Motivational WebTV Episode
Past Episodes Of Motivational WebTV

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To see Clint in action in front of audiences, check out his
motivational speaker demo video at the speaking programs section where
you will also see descriptions of his motivational, business sales and
diversity keynotes. There is even a talk available on real estate
investing since Clint is an active real estate investor - see it at the
section for corporate business and associations audiences.

Although Clint is primarily known for his martial arts, his background
history also reveals more about his corporate business and even music

Speaking of martial arts, he still teaches students through his self
defense training seminars and effective self defense instruction

The multimedia section has videos, press coverage, radio/TV interviews,
high resolution photos, informative articles and a Motivation Diversity
Success Blog.

Hit the 'Like' button at Clint's Motivation Facebook page for daily
motivational quotes sent to your Facebook newsfeed to keep you

image clint cora motivational speaker inspirational success business
sales speaker author- ----- View Clint Cora's profile on
LinkedIn- ----- image follow clint cora on twitter- -


A Conquerer Of Mt. Everest Was Impressed
"Clint's presentation was entertaining and motivating from beginning to
end. His energetic delivery, combined with the real life examples he
incorporated, captivated the audience throughout. Clint shared with us
his outlook on life and his approach of striving for excellence through
dedication to a sport or activity and the importance of making the
decision to take the first step."
"He presented personal examples of his journey on the path to mastering
the art of karate. The demonstrations of his smooth but complex
maneuvers not only established his credibility but were also a
testament to the full body harmonization which daily practice and self
discipline can generate. Clint is a very natural and inspiring speaker
who is a pleasure to listen to."
Alan Mallory, Adventurer Who Climbed Mt. Everest (2008)
See other keynote speaking testimonials from people who have heard

Teacher Left A Better Person After Listening To Clint
"It was amazing how I learned within each of us, there is a champion
and in order for us to access the champion within us, we simply need to
expand our horizon. I have had so many tips from this workshop that I
know I'm leaving a better person because there are so many things that
I have learned that I can do to expand my comfort zone."
Hepta Deslandes, Teacher, Lester B. Pearson School Board
See other keynote speaking testimonials from people who have heard
image karate world champion motivational diversity speaker business
sales speaker clint cora

Clint Cora Motivational Speaker Diversity Keynote Speaker Site Map


Copyright 2009-2018 Clint Cora, All Rights Reserved

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